Sorry that I was unable to continue the blog during Ohio Yearly Meeting sessions. As soon as things started to get busy, I just did not have the time. I might try to post more in the next few days.

As most of you know, the ministry during the worship was outstanding. Another aspect of the worship I felt was particularly anointed this year was the praying.

As is sometimes the case, one person complained about a specific problem, and a series of messages on people's response to him followed. Some of these responses showed more signs of divine unction than others.

The First Day worship was one of the best in recent years. This particular meeting (Stillwater at 10:30 following yearly meeting) has had a reputation for nearly 20 years for being a popcorn meeting with less evidence of the Lord's leading for the messages given than at other times of the yearly meeting. The meeting before that at Ridge was rather quiet, which was refreshing in itself.


Mark Wutka said...

Thank you for posting what you have done already. I would certainly like to hear more about the Ohio Yearly Meeting.

Martin Kelley said...

Hi Seth,
Sorry we couldn't stay for First Day worship. We spent our morning at First Friends Canton (EFI Eastern Region) which was busier that a hundred popcorny Ohio Conservative worships put together. Unfortunately the strange travel schedules caught up with Theo the three year old and his temper tantrum actually drowned out the speaker system and we had to leave. It was nice visiting with Ohio Friends and I hope you continue with the blog now that sessions are over.
Your Friend, Martin

Charles Rathmann said...

Seth --
We met at the Gathering of Conservative Friends -- could not make the trip for OYM though.

I agree that at least the meetings we had at Stillwater that weekend things were a bit popcorny. But I thought that came from the pent up spirituality that a bunch of us had carried across the country.

That's my excuse anyway.

In the Light of Christ,
Charles Rathmann